Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for my dog to be groomed? An average grooming takes 1 ½ – 3 hours. This time depends on your dogs temperament, coat condition, and services rendered.

2 What should I bring to my appointment? We require that you provide proof of current rabies vaccinations for all services we provide.

3 May I stay for the grooming and hold my dog? Most dogs are not as well behaved for us with mom or dad holding them as they would be for us on their own, so unless your pet is a senior and is incapable of holding their own weight for long periods of time (an hour or so) we prefer that you leave them in our capable hands.

4. What if I do not want my dog in a cage? We can offer cageless grooming services in our shop. The cages we do have provide a safe haven for dogs and help to service elderly, young, or aggressive pets. We are happy to accommodate any special requests for your dogs stay so please feel free to voice them to your groomer.

5. What types of shampoos do you use? We have a general purpose shampoo available with a natural fragrance that is gentle, yet thoroughly cleans and revitalizes the hair and skin of your dog. In addition, we have a range of high quality specialty shampoos to suit all types of dog coats and conditions. Additional fees apply to the use of specialty shampoos.

6. Will I be notified if additional charges will be added to my bill? Yes, we will do our best to contact you prior to performing any additional services. In certain situations additional fees may be necessary, such as if a dog is discovered to have fleas and/or ticks, a dog is matted and extra brushing is required. Prior to each groom, each dog receives a thorough assessment. However, during the grooming process certain coat conditions may be exposed that require additional services.

7. Can I bring my own shampoo for my dog to bathed? We are happy to use any product that you provide as long as it is formulated for dogs. The most common request is for us to use special shampoo for dogs with skin issues. We are happy to use your product however, we can also provide specialty shampoos, coat conditions, or hot oil treatments for many different coat conditions.


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