Extra Touches

These extra touches can be done as needed per your request:

Nail Caps: Nail caps give dogs a longer lasting grooming experience. Owners also get protection against scratching. Front feet only. Includes nail trim. $15.00

Nail Trim Only: Nails are trimmed. Regular trimming of nails will prevent nail overgrowth. Overgrown nails may result in damage to furniture and hard wood floors as well as lameness. $7.00

Nail Grinding: Nails are shorter and leaves them smoother than just a trim. We trim to get some length off and then grind to remove rough edges to get as short as possible without damaging the quick. $12.00

Anal Gland Expression: If your dog is “scooting”, this may need to be done. If the anal glands are not emptying normally, they may become infected, and in severe cases, rupture. This is included in the Full Service and Bath & Brush packages. $5.00

Brush-Out/De-matting: Every grooming comes with a 15 minute brush-out included. Matted fur does not allow air circulation to the skin. Over time, this can cause hot spots, bacterial and fungal infections. Fleas, ticks, and other parasites may be living in the matted coat, causing further skin problems. For excessive matting or additional brushing, there is an additional charge of $5/15 mins

De-Shedding Treatment “Furniture Saver”: Using a specialized shampoo and up to one hour of brushing and the use of a high powered blow dryer. Service is priced as a Full Service Groom + $5.00

Tooth Brushing: Using toothpaste formulated for dogs, this will help prevent tarter buildup and help freshen breath. Tarter buildup will lead to gum disease, which can contribute to systemic disease. $8.00

Pad Treatment: This service will soften dry, cracked pads and elbow calluses. $5.00

Coat Conditioner: A natural rich conditioner moisturizes, energizes and revitalizes the coat. $5.00

Specialized Shampoo: We offer a variety of shampoo based on your specific dogs skin and coat (including flea/tick shampoo). $5.00

Flea/Tick Spot-on Topical Treatment: Kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for up to 30 days. $10.00

Difficult Dog Fee: All though we do service nervous, older or aggressive dogs it is very important that you inform us if this is your dog. There is an extra fee, simply because the service takes longer since extra precaution must be taken. The fee ranges from $5 to $15 depending on the extra time involved. We understand that not every dog likes to be groomed and we are sensitive to the owners situation, however, we do have to be compensated for the extra time.

Pick Up & Delivery: For our clients who find getting their dog to the groomer difficult, we will pick up your dog and deliver him/her back to you expertly groomed. Unfortunately we do not have access to Ellsworth Air Force Base. $5.00 each way


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